*Please note that while the Christ Church Renewed Building project is underway, our 10:30am service will be meeting at Christ Church CE Primary School.

What to expect

If you haven’t been to church before, you may well wonder what we do on Sundays. In our services, we provide a place where people of every age can gather and discover more of God’s love and purposes for them. We have clearly explained talks from the Bible, a mix of contemporary and traditional music, prayer, and opportunities to respond to God. It’s an important time to encourage each other, as we discover more of what it means to live for Him.

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Morning Service (10:30am)

We love having people of all ages at Christ Church. Our morning service is informal and friendly. We start the service with everyone together, then the children and young people go into groups to learn more about God and have fun, allowing parents to participate fully in the service. At the end of the service, there’s an opportunity to pray together and to chat over coffee.

Children (10:30am)

Children are an important part of the life of Christ Church and we long for them to understand how great God is and what Jesus has done for us. We run groups for children right from 0 through to 11 years old. We want to ensure that the times that children are at church are happy times and provide a solid foundation for their faith. For more info on the Children's Ministry, please click here.

youth (10:30am & 7:15PM)

We want to provide a safe place for youth to belong and build friendships. In each of our groups there’ll be time to hang out, to connect, and to be challenged. During the Morning Service, we run a Bible study group for youth ages 11-14 and after The Six we have a group for youth aged 15-18 where we study the Bible and eat Pizza together! Click here for more info on the Youth Ministry

This Six (6:00PM)

Ever feel like life gets a bit too hectic and you can never really relax and be yourself? With The Six we are seeking to create a relaxed space where you can connect with God and connect with others. A place where you can be yourself. A place where by connecting with God you can remember who you truly are and be refreshed to face a new week.