Youth are not a problem to be solved, they are a sight to behold. At Christ Church we believe that young people play an important role in the church community and we strive to create a space for young people to be themselves, to grow spiritually, and to find a community of friends who will walk with them in their spiritual journey.

Youth ministry groups run for young people aged 11-19. We want to ensure that the times that youth are at church are happy times and provide a solid foundation for their faith. 

At the Sunday Morning Service we spend the first part of the service all together, and then the children and young people will be directed to their groups when the time comes. We also have midweek groups for youth aged 11-14 and a group which meets on Sunday nights after The Six for ages 14-19.



School Years 7-9

Pathfinders is a Bible study group which meets at the Sunday Morning service. It is a relaxed atmosphere where we do activities and do Bible studies together. This is a great place for youth to make friends and learn the basics of the Christian faith.


School Years 10-13

After The Six, at 19:15, a group of young people aged 14-19 meet together in the church lounge with pizza and hot chocolate. Sometimes we do a Bible study and sometimes we discuss some of the deeper questions of faith. This is a great place for anyone, even if you have never been to church before, to meet some kind people and to explore the Christian faith.


The Base

School Years 7-9

The Base is a buzzing place of fun, food, and games for anyone aged 11-14. We meet on Fridays from 19:15-20:45 in the Christ Church lounge.