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Soul Survivor week C 2019

Soul Survivor week C 2019

Monday, 26 August 2019 12:00 am – 12:00 am


Soul Survivor is a Christian festival for young people, which runs every year during the summer holidays.  They run three five-day events, each of which attract about 8,000 people, with worship, teaching, seminars, activities, plus coffee shops, sports etc… - the list goes on!  It’s entirely geared up for teenagers, and is self-contained, so it’s great fun for them and safe as well.  If you’re not familiar with Soul Survivor, you can find out more details on the website (, or by all means talk to Reuben or any of the CYFA leaders about it.


We have taken a group from CYFA in six of the last seven years, and each time it has been fantastic, with lots of positive feedback.  Last year we had a great time and many are keen to go back.  So, here we go again!


We are going to Week C, which runs from Saturday 23rd August to Wednesday 27th August.  The event finishes late on the Tuesday and we are planning on coming back to Surbiton late that evening (probably getting back just after midnight).  Details of timings, travel etc. will be confirmed nearer the time, when we will also send out a kit list with more information.


Leaders at the event will be Rachel and Reuben Alexander but we will likely have one or two other adults join us too.


The venue is the East of England Showground, near Peterborough.  We will travel, camp, eat and attend the main events together as a group, so the young people will be fed and looked after by CYFA leaders throughout!


The cost of the event itself is £112 (if booking before the 1st May), although there is a £10 discount if you book, and pay, before the end of January.  In addition to that, we charge about £55 to cover travel, food and fuel.  So about £167 in total, which covers everything the young people need (apart from any spending money they want for books, CDs etc).  Having said all that, if your son or daughter would like to go but the cost is a problem, just have a word with me and we can arrange something; the church has funds available specifically for that purpose.


Please can I encourage you to discuss with your son/daughter(s) whether this is something they would like to go to (plus of course if they have friends who would like to!).


If they would like to go, the booking process is all done online through the Soul Survivor website.  They need to join the Christ Church group booking, which is all set up, so that they are assigned to us as their leaders.


Soul Survivor Booking Process


Soul Survivor seem to tweak the booking process on an annual basis, to keep us all sharp!  It is important that you sign up your son or daughter to our group though, so they are assigned to our leaders (Rachel and myself).  So, here is a slightly lengthy breakdown of the booking process:


  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll down to ‘Soul Survivor Week C 2019’ and click Book Now on the right hand side
  3. If this is your first time booking with Soul Survivor then you need to add details and sign up.  If you have booked with Soul Survivor before then you can log in on the right hand side using your old details.
  4. On the Terms and Conditions page
    1. Agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the relevant box
    2. Under ‘Are you joining someone else’s group?’ click ‘Yes, I want to join someone else's group’
    3. Then, under ‘Group leader’, enter your group leader’s email address:
    4. Then, click the ‘let’s get started’ button
  5. On the Contact Information page:
    1. Fill in the details and click continue
  6. On the Who’s coming page
    1. Click ‘add myself to this booking’.
    2. Fill in details for the person going and click ‘save and done’
    3. You then go back to the ‘who’s coming’ page – click continue.
  7. On the Accommodation page
    1. Please put down that you are taking a small tent (per person you are booking for) – this ensures we are allocated enough space to all camp together!
    2. Fill in any particular needs
    3. Under ‘who do you want to camp with’ it should say ‘Your group leader has selected to camp withChrist Church Surbiton Hill.’
    4. Click continue
  8. On the payment options page
    1. Ignore a warning, if there is one, which says ‘You have requested too much accommodation for the number of delegates you are booking for.’ – this is fine!
    2. Click to make payment and carry on. Note in the old days (i.e. last year) there was an option to pay a £20 deposit, or the full amount.  Now the full amount is the only option, although I think you can leave it until a later date.  But note the early bird discount only applies if you pay the full amount before the deadline.


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