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Teaching Children about Money

Jesus talked quite a lot about money. So maybe we should too...
To do so can be difficult though, as money is a deeply personal thing. I wonder if the ways that our parents talked (or didn't talk) about money has impacted our talking about it with our children? Today, we're going to think a little bit about how we can encourage our children to be wise with their money. (Just to clarify, I'm not trying to become the new Martin Lewis!)
Jesus said that our attitude about money reveals quite a lot about what is going on in our hearts. One thing that I'm passionate about is seeing children and young people recognise what God has done for them and live in response to that. And I wonder if our response (and the response of our children) includes money? 
We want our children to be joyful givers. In Explorers (our Sunday morning group for 8-11's) a year or two ago, we began to raise money to buy some chickens and goats for a families in different African and Asian countries through a charity called Present Aid. The kids were so excited to see our totaliser creeping up each week... and the joy they had when we finally raised our £12!?!? They went on to raise nearly £100 to support people around the world... what an amazing example!
I read a really helpful suggestion for looking after money when I was a teenager. You get three jars and you label them: Give, Save, Spend. Whenever your child is given some money (birthdays, pocket money, etc) put 10% of it in the Give jar. This money goes to God... giving to your church or another charity. Then, put some in the Save jar.... they can save up for a new tractor toy, a unicorn onesie or the latest FIFA game. The rest can go in the Spend jar, for sweets, ice cream and other things they enjoy!
Here's some links to some jar labels that you can print at home and stick on some old jam jars (colour/black & white). But if you're feeling creative, why not design your own labels and have fun talking about where your money might go to help others... a great family activity!
Helping our children create healthy habits around giving is one way that we can help set them up for a life of giving things to God. I'll be praying for you and your children as you seek the best ways to help them learn how to look after their money.
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